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We are the Experts

We are an all-inclusive team of professionals with Engineering, Project Management, Supply Chain, Financial and Business expertise. Our team has vast experience in the Energy Management and Conservation Industry. Whether you are a commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional and multi-residential Client, our core focus is to work with you to find the right Energy Solutions that will improve performance and meet your financial targets.

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We help you save

Renteknik’s goal is to guide and educate commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional and multi-residential Clients. Through the implementation of low cost/no cost and capital measures Renteknik’s Client will maximize operational efficiency, reduce energy consumption, achieve energy savings and improve productivity.

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We are the solution

Our Mission is to provide Energy Engineering Solutions that will empower business and building owners to evoke internal change. Through detailed real time performance analysis of high energy consuming systems we will help you make informed decisions. Using our expertise we will guide you through the process of making changes to equipment, operations and help you stay on top of your business long term.

Our Expertise

Renteknik’s entire team of Engineers, Specialists, Technologists, Sales, Project Management and Operations Staff have the expertise and technology to provide Clients with a wide variety of Energy services, products and solutions that are cost effective, sustainable and support Canada’s mandate to reduce carbon emissions and promote energy efficiency practices.

Energy Engineering

Our team of Energy Engineers are involved from beginning to end to make your project a success. Using our engineering expertise and analysis solutions, we will target energy efficiency opportunities, perform financial analysis, project manage implementations, and provide reporting and incentive support.

Energy Management

Balancing assets and expenses is vital to operating a business. Our energy management team will track your energy usage and create an energy management plan that is best suited to reduce costs and protect your assets. Through our real-time continual monitoring we will ensure ongoing savings and seamless operations to keep you positioned ahead of your competition.

Energy Products and Solutions

Getting a clear picture on how building systems are performing is the first step to manage your energy. Our innovative energy products and solutions give real-time visibility of energy including electricity, gas and water usage, helping to optimize system performance and validate savings.

Environmental Sustainability

The environment is our core focus. We are working to facilitate the adoption of low or carbon neutral opportunities to help you take charge of your economic future. Our mandate is to reduce emissions, create jobs and support a strong and sustainable local economy.

Who are our clients

We provide services to all industry sectors throughout Canada and the United States. Satisfying the individual needs of each one of our Clients is important to us.



Risk of equipment downtime and loss of product or operational ability can be a bottom line game changer in the Commercial/Industrial Sector. Our real-time performance analysis and continual monitoring will provide insight into equipment operation to allow for pre-emptive maintenance and capital planning for equipment upgrades or replacement.



North American Manufacturers are under pressure to reduce GHG emissions and adopt Industry 4.0 digital and clean technologies. We are at the forefront of this revolution to support the transition to low carbon technologies and smart processes which increase productivity and facilitate economic competitiveness.



The MASH sector is always exploring new ways to reduce operating costs and use energy more efficiently. We work closely with this sector to target energy management strategies, reduce energy wastage and free up funds that can be better spent on essential improvements and services.



Our focus is to help Building Owners manage their energy and water costs through monitoring and reporting. This will comply with legislation such as Ontario’s Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking Law, cut electricity, gas and water costs and reduce carbon emissions. A win for both owners, tenants and the environment.

Our Focus

“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates." - Pearson’s Law

Heating and Cooling

Our energy performance analysis solution gives you real-time visibility into the ‘blackbox’ of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) systems. System optimization and reduced energy consumption will guarantee savings of 10-40%!

Energy Solutions

We take the worry out of managing your energy. Our team of professionals understand Systems, finance and energy which means we will create an Energy Management solution that suits all of your individual needs.


Do you need to get the big picture on how your energy is being used? Monitoring and Targeting is the answer. Monitoring your usage in real-time will help you manage inefficiencies and wastage and drive energy savings long term.


Through Commissioning we will ensure that new Systems are installed, setup and properly functional and operating efficiently. Through our Re-Commissioning we will baseline and optimize existing equipment operation . Our goal is to work with you on all of your building Systems to achieve rewarding results.

Our Services

All of our offerings are based on a continual improvement framework that incorporates Energy Management into everyday practices and encompasses the principle of the proven Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) business model. All Renteknik’s projects are based on a (PMAIR) cycle: (P) project planning, (MA) realtime monitoring and analysis, (I) improvement/change identification and implementation support and (R) reporting on verification of achieved savings and/ or next steps. Continual improvement will increase staff and operational productivity, reduce downtime, reduce costs, increase quality and profitability.

Industry Updates

The Energy Industry is constantly changing. We are actively researching different technologies, solutions and programs that will help businesses take control of their energy.

Uncovering new opportunities that suit your business needs will save energy, improve operational efficiency and support business growth and profitability through cost savings and increased productivity.

BioScrub EFM
Game Changing HVAC Probiotic Coil Cleaning

Standard Coil cleaning methods use harsh chemicals and only provide surface cleaning. The BioScrub EFM Patented Probiotic Coil Cleaning Process is a proprietary EPA-rated and environmentally safe HVAC coil cleaning process. Cleaning of RTUs, AHUs and Cooling Towers have shown positive performance results through M&V testing including:

  • Humidity (Rh) and temperature delta increases
  • Increased air flow through Coils
  • Overall efficiency gain of 20-40%
  • Lower direct energy costs
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Improved Tenant comfort

Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS)
Improving Energy Efficiency

Generally, most businesses have to sell $10 worth of product to make $1 of profit. Every $1,000 we save through energy efficiency improvements and energy reduction is the equivalent to $10,000 in sales. To achieve this goal, our Energy Management solution follows Renteknik’s PMAIR cycle. We audit, monitor and analyze all energy contributing factors. Implementation and targets are realistically set to ensure commitment on all levels of the organization. Frequent reporting on energy and business related benefits also ensures a successful EMIS. Funding is also available to assist with Projects.

Wireless Submetering
Taking Control Of Your Energy

“Energy is a variable operating cost, not a fixed overhead charge.”
Our Energy Management solution uses Best in Class technology. Centrica’s patented wireless sensors combine cloud-based real-time analytics to collect energy consumption data and identify excess energy usage at device level and improve facility operations. The Energy Insight sensors are selfpowered and designed for noninvasive installation. A simple snap onto existing electrical wires, a remote wireless bridge and an internet connection is all that is needed to get the real-time data that can be integrated into an EMIS Project.

Energy Products and Solutions

Recent Case Studies

Over the years we have had many, many successful Projects. Our Case Studies will give a glimpse into some of these success stories to show how we have supported our Clients in their commitment to sustainability and energy management. These practices have reduced energy costs and carbon emissions, improved operational efficiency and positioned them to be at the forefront of their market sector.

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M&V analysis was performed on 3 AHUs servicing the Campus. Case Study results validate the benefits of BioScrub Cleaning through pre and post cleaning air and water-side measurement and analysis.

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The goal of the Project was to analyze the existing Chiller System and improve operations and maximize savings through energy efficiency measures. Achieved energy savings of 31% and Demand reduction of 93 kW made this project a success.

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A detailed Energy Audit at the Muskoka Resort was performed to identifying Energy Management Opportunities (EMOs) that could save energy and costs and reduce carbon emissions. it was estimated that the Resort would save approximately $550,000/year with EMOs in place.

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