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Unlock Financial Benefits with CME’s Technology Assessment Incentive Program (TAP)

Up to $25,000 in reimbursable funds available now!

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The CME Technology Assessment Incentive Program (TAP), connects SME Manufacturers across Southern Ontario with Qualified Professionals. The qualified expert’s role is to support companies in their journey to gain more valuable insight and knowledge into strategies and technologies that are best suited for their business needs.

Renteknik – Your Qualified Service Provider (QSP) & Operational & Energy Efficiency Experts

Renteknik is a registered Qualified Service Provider (QSP) with the CME and has had extensive experience in operational efficiency, energy management, environmental waste reduction and technology adoption. Our Energy Efficiency Experts and Engineers will work closely with your company to undertake a Technology Assessment and construct a comprehensive systems engineering approach that will provide the following:

  1. Assess your current business processes and equipment.
  2. Create a strategic action plan aimed to improve productivity.
  3. Reduce economic and environmental waste.
  4. Increase energy efficiency by capitalizing on existing equipment improvements and adopting new and innovative technologies registered
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TAP Incentive Details

TAP (Technology Assessment Program) connects small to medium-sized manufacturers (SME) with Qualified Service Providers (QSPs) that include technology experts and Engineers to receive 100% FUNDING for Technology Assessments (up to $25,000 of eligible costs).

All Assessments must be done by a Qualified Service Provider (QSP) and Funding up to $25,000 is available with one assessment per company.  

Applications will be accepted until December 2021. However, with limited funding available, funds will be distributed on a first approved, first funded basis. To secure your funds, contact Renteknik today! 

Take advantage of this Assessment valued at up to $25,000 Today!

Potential Benefits

  • Operational and Energy Efficiency
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Process Flow
  • Waste Reduction
  • New Technology Adoption
  • Environmental Impact reductions

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