Renteknik is currently selecting 3 BUSINESSES that will welcome our team of Energy Efficiency Engineers into their building and allow us to walk the floors to provide insight into their Energy Consumption, Efficiency and Energy-Saving opportunities based on the buildings unique daily operating requirements…The best part is, it’s absolutely FREE! 

Recieve $5,000 worth of Operational Efficiency and Energy Management Consulting Services!

Are you ready to invest your time in us to:

• Improve business operations
• Reduce downtime and increase productivity
• Control Energy spend
• Make behavioral and operational changes that will save energy and reduce costs

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Be First in Line to Participate?

Renteknik is looking for Small to Medium Businesses

• In the Manufacturing and Industrial Sector
• Employs <500 employees and energy consumption <1MW/year
• Is willing to Volunteer 2 employees from Management and Operations to work with our Energy Team
• Who are planning and/or engaged in Energy management strategies or Efficiency upgrade for their facilities

The Process.

• We will be selecting 3 businesses, based on submission and random draw
• Renteknik’s team of Energy Efficiency Experts will walk the floors with the Facility team to observe, ask questions and hold discussions to identify pain points and/or energy wastage that can be turned into operational and energy opportunities
• Our findings from the Walk-Through will be accompanied by a written audit report** and meeting with the Facility team to discuss a next step management plan

Limited Time Offer!

Submit your business information below to be placed on our list and possibly selected as one of the THREE businesses our Energy Engineers will be visiting to perform an Energy Management Efficiency Walk-through for FREE!


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Call Us Today! 1-855-634-3888

Terms & Conditions

This exclusive offer is only applicable to new clients, existing clients are not eligible to apply. This program and offer is limited to a total of three (3) facilities. A random draw will be held each month to select one of three (3) facilities for the Energy Audit Program. Registration is only open to Canadian facilities and excludes Quebec. Registration will close: March 31, 2020 @ 11:59 PM EST.


Renteknik uses the best in class technologies and unique energy engineering solutions to empower our clients to maximize operational efficiency, achieve energy savings and improve productivity and performance.
We are an all-inclusive team of engineers, project managers, financial and business experts. We take the worry out of managing your operations and your energy. Our team of professionals understand system and building operations, finance and energy which means we will create an Operational and Energy Management solution that suits all of your individual needs.

*Terms and conditions include but are not limited to requirements of the building being a small to medium size, Class B with a requirement of less than 500 employees.
** The energy audit that will be subject to a high-level 1 audit performed and provided by Renteknik Group Inc.